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Restoration Work to be Done

The Alameda Creek Alliance is working on a number of campaigns to ensure that Alameda Creek and endangered species habitats in the watershed are protected and restored

Migratory Fish Passage
Pushing local, state and federal agencies to implement fish passage projects that will allow full restoration of steelhead trout and salmon runs in Alameda Creek

Protect Niles Canyon
Ensuring that Caltrans’ highway safety projects along Highway 84 through Niles Canyon are adequately protective of the creek and riparian corridor

Restore Sunol Valley
Working with San Francisco, quarry operators, and PG&E to restore stream and riparian habitat in the Sunol Valley reach of Alameda Creek

San Francisco’s Watershed Conservation Plan
Ensuring San Francisco’s Habitat Conservation Plan for land use and operations in the Alameda Creek watershed is adequately protective of endangered species

Endangered Species Protection for Alameda Creek Steelhead
Petitioning for full Endangered Species Act protections for Alameda Creek steelhead trout, including resident rainbow trout and landlocked steelhead above dams

Restoring the Northern Watershed
Working with Zone 7 Water Agency to assess instream flows for migratory fish and promote fish passage and habitat restoration projects in Livermore and Pleasanton

Sunol/Ohlone Land Use Plan
Promoting Land Use Plans for Sunol and Ohlone Regional Wilderness Preserves that emphasize restoration of wilderness and wildlife habitat values

Industrial Solar Development
Steering Alameda County away from industrial solar development in wildlife habitat and productive farmland in rural areas, toward a sensible urban solar development policy

Protect Sunol Tule Elk
Ensuring that elk hunting regulations in Alameda County are based on sound management and are adequately protective of the declining Sunol tule elk herd

Protect Alkaline Soil Habitats
Working with partners to protect the unique Springtown Alkali Sink ecosystem and rare alkaline soil plants in Livermore

Protect Camp Parks
Protecting wildlife habitat at Camp Parks Reserve Forces Training Area in Dublin

Protect Wildlife from Pesticides
Reducing pesticide use in the watershed and implementing the federal ban on use of 38 pesticides near salmon streams

Alameda Creek Trails
Promoting ecologically appropriate public access and low-impact hiking and biking trails along Alameda Creek, particularly through Niles Canyon