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If You Spot Fish In Alameda Creek:

What to do if you see steelhead or salmon in Alameda Creek

Become An Alameda Creek StreamKeeper:
Adopt a section of Alameda Creek to help us monitor fish populations and stream habitat. You can help monitor fish spawning and rearing areas, identify problems with fish passage, and document problems with water quality, pollution, dumping, poaching or habitat destruction. StreamKeepers can also be trained as docents to provide information to the public on fish and wildlife and natural values of the creek. Learn more about our StreamKeeper program.

Contact Jeff Miller at Jeff AT alamedacreek DOT org

Help Us Monitor and Restore Sinbad Creek:

Sunol residents: check out our Sinbad Creek Stewardship web page

Participate in the Eastern Alameda County Christmas Bird Count:
Volunteer for our annual Eastern Alameda County Christmas Bird Count, a volunteer-based bird survey effort to assess long-term trends in winter bird populations and promote bird conservation in the Alameda Creek watershed.

Contact Jeff Miller at Jeff AT alamedacreek DOT org

Teachers and Volunteers Wanted for Trout in the Classroom Program:

The Alameda Creek Alliance sponsors a Trout in the Classroom program to provide a unique learning experience for students attending schools within the Alameda Creek watershed. Students are given the opportunity to witness rainbow trout hatching right before their eyes in a special aquarium located in their very own classroom. Learn more about our Trout in the Classroom program.

Contact Pete Alexander at fishous AT comcast DOT net

Sign Up for Frog Watch:

Help us protect breeding locations, eggs and tadpoles of the Foothill yellow-legged frog in Alameda Creek above Little Yosemite, one of the best habitats for these frogs in the Bay Area.

Contact Jeff Miller at Jeff AT alamedacreek DOT org

Join the BioBlitz in the Alameda Creek Watershed:

A BioBlitz is a rapid survey of the biodiversity of an ecosystem, a unique combination of taxonomic inventory, public outreach, and science education. Our BioBlitzes will team professional scientists and naturalists with community members to discover, map and learn about the living creatures in the Alameda Creek watershed. We will search for and record plants, fish, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, insects and more. Our first BioBlitz will be in the Sunol area in March of 2014. Find out more on our BioBlitz web page.

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