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The Alameda Creek Alliance in the News

2023 Media Articles

New Project on Alameda Creek will Expand Access for Salmonids - California Trout blog 9/18/23

Rainbow Trout in Alameda Creek Signals Return of Normal Migration - Pleasanton Weekly 5/4/23

2022 Media Articles

What Rainbow Trout Know About Relationships - Human Parts 5/11/22

Just Keep Swimming: ACWD Opens Fish Ladder - page 2 - Tri-City Voice 5/3/22

Fish Ladder Projects Completed in Alameda Creek - Tri-City Voice 4/26/22

A Historic Win for Spawning Salmon, Trout in Alameda Creek - San Jose Mercury News 4/25/22

Meet An Ancient, Amazing Fish in Need of an Image Makeover - Bay Nature Magazine 4/20/22

Big Rain Leads to a Big Year for Salmon - Bay Nature Magazine 1/10/22

2021 Media Articles

Here’s What Brought King Salmon Back to Bay Area Rivers - San Jose Mercury News 11/29/21

Water District to Submit Offer on The N3 Ranch - Livermore Independent 7/14/21

Zone 7 Opens Its Watershed Lands for Annual Christmas Bird Count - Pleasanton Weekly 1/3/21

2020 Media Articles

ACWD Working Within Broad Collaboration to Restore Bay Area Steelhead Runs - ACWA News 11/20/20

Restoring Threatened Fish Migration Routes in Alameda Creek - Tri-City Voice 8/18/20 page 11

Caltrans to Plant Native Trees Under Agreement for Niles Canyon Project - KTVU 5/17/20

A New Project Should Dramatically Improve Conditions for Endangered Steelhead Trout in the Lower Reaches of Alameda Creek - Estuary Newsletter April 2020

Dam Tweaks Yield Results - Estuary Newsletter March 2020

2019 Media Articles

Water District Considers Buying Giant Cattle Ranch That Straddles Four Counties - East Bay Times 10/14/19

An Interview with “Anna” the Steelhead Trout - ACWD Aqueduct Summer 2019

Alameda Creek Steelhead Get A Lift Upstream With State-Of-The-Art Fish Ladder - CBS News 3/20/19

SFPUC Works to Bring Back Steelhead Trout - KCBS 3/20/19

Niles Canyon: Caltrans Settles In Alameda Creek Tree Removal Lawsuit - San Jose Mercury News 3/5/19

Lone Alameda Creek Steelhead Spawns with Native Trout - Livermore Independent 2/14/19

Tracking the Trout: East Bay Biologists, Volunteers Give Spawning Fish A Leg Up - San Jose Mercury News 2/5/19

2018 Media Articles

Largest Bay Area Dam Built in 20 Years Is Finally Finished - San Jose Mercury News 9/21/18

What Will It Take to Make the East Bay’s Most Dangerous Road Less Deadly? - San Francisco Magazine 5/31/18

Work Begins On $10 Million Alameda Creek Fish Ladders - East Bay Times 4/26/18

Bay Area Counties Get Funding To Benefit Fish and Wildlife - SF Chronicle 3/24/18

Lawsuits Challenges Caltrans Niles Plan - Livermore Independent 2/15/18

Is Caltrans Killing Alameda Creek? - East Bay Monthly January 2018

2017 Media Articles

CalTrans Sued Over Plan to Widen Niles Canyon Road - Livermore Independent 11/23/17

Environmental Group Sues Caltrans Over Niles Canyon Project - Pleasanton Weekly 11/19/17

Freeing up Fish: The Effort to Remove Barriers to Spawning Sites - Bay Area Monitor 10/17

Impacts of ACEforward Project Raise Concerns - Livermore Independent 8/24/17

California Reservoir on Shaky Ground Highlights Aging U.S. Dams’ Risks - Wall Street Journal 6/23/17

Engineers Rebuild Behemoth In Face of Earthquake Risks - E&E News 4/24/17

Steelhead Trout Moved Past Concrete Barrier - Livermore Independent 3/30/17
Catch and Release: Threatened Steelhead Rescued from Alameda Creek - NBC News 3/29/17
Threatened Fish Get Truckin’ With A Lift To Spawning Grounds - East Bay Times 3/23/17
Endangered Trout Get Human Help Moving Through East Bay Creek - ABC7 News 3/22/17

2016 Media Articles

Carnegie Expansion Faces Lawsuits - Tracy Press 12/2/16
Alameda County, Environmental Groups Sue to Stop Expansion of Carnegie Off-road Park - East Bay Times 11/28/16
The Creek That Thinks It Can But Still Can’t - Estuary Newsletter 9/16
New Bay Area Dam Project Reaches Major Milestone - Daily Democrat 4/19/16
The Search for Steelhead in Alameda Creek - San Jose Mercury News 3/27/16
Steelhead Trout Seen in Alameda Creek - Livermore Independent 3/17/16
In an East Bay Creek, a Hopeful Hunt for a Threatened Fish - San Francisco Chronicle 3/15/16
Steelhead Trout Return to Lower Alameda Creek - East Bay Express 3/14/16
Niles Canyon Trail Plan Seen As Regional System Connector - San Jose Mercury News 1/26/16

2015 Media Articles

Niles Canyon Makes Way for Pedestrians and Bicyclists - Tri-City Voice 10/6/15
Sunol Organic Farm Won't Shrink with Corp Yard Expansion - Contra Costa Times 10/1/15
Sick Frogs Stymie Fish Ladder Project - Livermore Independent 8/6/15
Open Space Committee Hear about Area's Environmental 'Hot Spots' - Livermore Independent 7/23/15
Plan To Ease Steelhead Barriers Stirs Concerns about Frogs in Little Yosemite - Contra Costa Times 7/20/15
Water Recapture Project Proposed for Sunol Valley - Livermore Independent 7/16/15
Proposed Trail Would Link Niles to Sunol - San Jose Mercury News 4/16/15
Citizen Groups Blast Caltrans' Niles Canyon Bridge Replacement - Contra Costa Times 4/8/15
Zone 7 Supports Salmon - Livermore Independent 3/19/15

2014 Media Articles

Funds for Preservation - Livermore Independent editorial 12/4/14
New Gate Opens Door for Major Development In Heart of Dublin - Contra Costa Times 10/1/14
Tossed Cigarettes New Pollution Target of Coastal Cleanup Day - San Jose Mercury News 9/20/14
Alameda Creek Work Trickles On - Estuary News 9/14
Settlement Reached in Burrowing Owl Lawsuit - Livermore Independent 8/8/14
Dublin Sued Over The Crossings EIR - Livermore Independent 3/28/14
Targeting Rural and Suburban Development - East Bay Express 3/26/14
Burrowing Owl Flap Challenges Big Dublin Development Plan - San Jose Mercury News 3/21/14
Group Files Suit Against Development in Burrowing Owl Habitat - KCET 3/21/14

2013 Media Articles

Creek Alliance Wants Dublin Owl Habitat Preserved - Livermore Independent 10/11/13
Dublin Crossing in Dublin, CA Will Destroy Largest Burrowing Owl Colony in Alameda County - Around Dublin blog 10/1/13
From Perch to Pikeminnows: The Freshwater Fish That Didn’t Get Away - Bay Nature Magazine 9/30/13
Study Points Way to Steelhead Restoration in Arroyos - Livermore Independent 9/13/13
Don't Weaken the Successful Endangered Species Act - Oakland Tribune opinion piece 4/24/13
Zone 7 To Make Arroyo Stretch More Natural - Livermore Independent 4/11/13
Coalition Agrees with Most Federal Recommendations on Niles Canyon Road - Livermore Independent 1/1/13

2012 Media Articles

Caltrans Proposes Improvements for Niles Canyon Road - Fremont Bulletin 12/28/12
Some Raptor Species Increase in Annual Bird Count - Livermore Independent 12/21/12
It’s Almost Christmas: Time to Count Some Birds - East Bay Express 12/13/12
Water District to Hold Meeting On Creek Fish Passage Projects - Newark Patch 12/13/12
Protecting Steelhead Among Goals of Water District - Fremont Bulletin 11/21/12
Niles Canyon Widening Revisited - San Jose Mercury News 8/2/12
Caltrans Tries 'Clean Slate' on Niles Canyon Road Project - Fremont Argus 7/31/12
Fremont Residents Protest Route 84 Widening - Fremont Bulletin 5/10/12
Fremont Niles Canyon Road Controversy - NBC News 5/7/12
Team Looking at Safety Situation on Niles Canyon Road - San Jose Mercury News 5/7/12
Sunol Quarry Makes Friends in Deals to Help Environment - San Jose Mercury News 3/17/12
Alliance Continues Opposition to Niles Canyon Road Widening - Fremont Bulletin 2/2/12
Caltrans to Start Over on Niles Canyon Project - Fremont Argus 1/23/12

2011 Media Articles

Niles Canyon Victory for Residents - Livermore Independent editorial 12/22/11
Big Victory for Niles Canyon Protesters - Livermore Independent 12/16/11
Niles Canyon Road Widening Project on Hold - San Francisco Chronicle 12/14/11
East Bay Highway 84 Widening Project on Hold - CBS Channel 5 12/13/11
Settlement to Halt Niles Canyon Construction - Fremont Bulletin 12/12/11
A Massive Lake Will Grow As Calaveras Dam Takes Shape - Milpitas Post 9/21/11
Calaveras Dam Construction Begins - KQED Radio 9/19/11
Calaveras Dam Replacement to Begin Amid Retrofit - San Francisco Chronicle 9/16/11
Alameda County Water District Awarded $1.45 Million in Grants - Union City Patch 8/11/11
Steelhead Runs Could Return to Alameda Creek By 2016 - Oakland Tribune 8/8/11
Caltrans Tweaks Plans for Niles Canyon Roadway Improvements - Fremont Bulletin 8/5/11
Niles Canyon Widening Project Continues to Draw Criticism - Union City Patch 7/29/11
Best of the East Bay: Best Environmentalist - East Bay Express 7/20/11
Alliance Holds Fund-raiser in Niles for Caltrans Lawsuit - Fremont Bulletin 7/7/11
Caltrans Plan to Widen Niles Canyon Road Delayed - San Francisco Chronicle 6/24/11
Judge Grants Injunction to Stop Niles Canyon Roadwork - Oakland Tribune 6/24/11
From the Front Lines with Alameda Creek's Tireless Advocate - Bay Nature Magazine 6/23/11
Judge: Niles Canyon Lawsuit Can Proceed - San Jose Mercury News 6/23/11
Judge Orders Temporary Halt in Niles Canyon - Fremont Bulletin 6/23/11
Judge Halts Niles Canyon Project - Livermore Independent 6/16/11
Caltrans Work in Niles Canyon Halted by Alameda Creek Alliance Lawsuit - East Bay Express 6/15/11
Judge Says Caltrans Must Halt Niles Canyon Project - San Francisco Chronicle 6/10/11
Judge Halts Niles Canyon Roadwork - Oakland Tribune 6/10/11
Alameda Creek Alliance Sues Caltrans Over Niles Canyon Highway Project - Fremont Bulletin 6/9/11
Group Sues to Stop Niles Canyon Road Project - Oakland Tribune 6/9/11
Caltrans Sued Over Plan to Widen Niles Canyon Road - San Francisco Chronicle 6/8/11
Caltrans Sued Over Fremont Road-widening Project - Oakland Tribune 6/8/11
Environmental Group Sues Caltrans over Niles Canyon Project - Silicon Valley Business Journal 6/8/11
Caltrans Rushes Project - Livermore Independent editorial 6/4/11
Controversial Niles Canyon Project Reopened for Comment - Bay Nature Magazine 6/3/11
Environmental Group Warns Caltrans on Niles Canyon - Livermore Independent 5/26/11
Niles Canyon Roadwork Opponents Warn Caltrans - Fremont Bulletin 5/26/11
More Caltrans Work Along Niles Canyon Road - Tri-City Beat 5/24/11
Fremont Leaders Disturbed By Niles Canyon Tree Removal - San Jose Mercury News 4/28/11
Protesters Move CalTrans to Reopen Niles Road EIR Hearing - Livermore Independent 4/21/11
Protesters Say "Hell No" to More Tree Cuttings in Fremont - San Jose Mercury News 4/21/11
Niles Canyon Railway - New York Times 4/16/11
Caltrans Grilled Over Plans to Widen Scenic Highway in Niles Canyon - Union City Patch 4/16/11
Must Save Niles Canyon From Caltrans Project - Fremont Argus editorial 4/8/11
Destroying Alameda Creek - East Bay Express 4/6/11
At Least 80 Trees Felled in Niles Canyon's 1st Phase - Livermore Independent 3/17/11
Niles Canyon Protest Picking Up Steam - Livermore Independent 3/10/11
Niles Canyon Road Widening Project Battle Brews - San Francisco Chronicle 3/10/11
Caltrans Moving Ahead With First Niles Canyon Road Project - Contra Costa Times 3/10/11
Caltrans Removes Native Trees in Niles Canyon, More Planned - Tri-City Voice 3/8/11
Sunol Residents Protest Doom for 400 Niles Canyon Trees - Livermore Independent 3/3/11
Channel 7 News video - 3/1/11
Activists Fight for Niles Canyon Road Trees - Channel 7 News 3/1/11
Fremont Hopes Truck Ban Will Spare Scenic Road - San Jose Mercury News 2/28/11
Good News for Steelhead from SFPUC - Bay Nature Magazine 2/11
Calaveras Dam Rebuilding Project Approved - San Francisco Chronicle 1/28/11
Calaveras Dam Project Revised, May Help Alameda Creek - Fremont Bulletin 1/28/11
This Just In: Eastern Alameda County Bird-Count Results - East Bay Express 1/18/11
Road vs. Stream in Niles Canyon - Bay Nature Magazine 1/11

2010 Media Articles

Fowl Weather For a Christmas Bird Count - Contra Costa Times 12/18/10
Residents Invited to Take Part in Annual Bird Count - Livermore Independent 12/2/10
State Allows Elk Hunting for the First Time in Alameda County - Oakland Tribune 10/28/10
Alameda Creek Dam Policies Could Decide Frogs' Future - Bay Nature Magazine Summer 2010
Staples Ranch Development Clears Major Hurdle - Tri-Valley Herald 8/25/10
Staples Ranch Retirement Community, Auto Mall Expected to Win Pleasanton City Council Approval Tonight - Pleasanton Weekly 8/24/10
Staples Ranch Discussion Resumes - Pleasanton Patch 8/24/10
Environmental Groups and Alameda County Agree on Development Project - Contra Costa Times 8/23/10
A Staples Ranch Agreement That Suits Everyone - Pleasanton Weekly Opinion 8/20/10
Water District Dedicates Two Projects Along Fremont Creek - Fremont Bulletin 6/24/10
Steelhead Trout, Salmon Closer to Alameda Creek Return - Fremont Argus 6/24/10
Staples Ranch Project Hits Snag, Decision Delayed Until August - Tri-Valley Herald 6/16/10
Environmental Group Asks for Investigation into Filling of Wetlands - Livermore Independent 4/1/10
Water Board Reviews Pleasanton Wetlands Dispute - San Francisco Chronicle 3/31/10
Conservation Group Claims Pleasanton Wetlands Were Filled In Illegally - Contra Costa Times 3/24/10
Leaping Steelhead Awards for 2009 - Fishsniffer 2/24/10
2-year Fishing Ban to Save Alameda Creek Trout - San Francisco Chronicle 2/16/10

2009 Media Articles

New Fishing Closures for Alameda Creek - Contra Costa Times 12/25/09
Counting the Eagles - East Bay Express 12/15/09
Critics of Stoneridge Drive Not Happy With Environmental Plan - Contra Costa Times 12/11/09
Christmas Bird Count to Be Conducted In Area Parks - Pleasanton Weekly 12/11/09
Watershed Work - Estuary Newsletter 12/09
Staples Ranch Lawsuit Settled - Livermore Independent 10/29/09
Groups Reach Settlement on Stoneridge Drive Extension - Tri-Valley Herald 10/27/09
Stopping the Steelhead - East Bay Express 10/14/09
Dam Construction Steaming Ahead in Santa Clara and Alameda County - San Jose Mercury News 10/2/09
Helping Fish Go With the Flow - Fremont Argus 9/9/09
Alameda Creek Update - The Osprey 9/09
Agreement on Apperson Ridge Quarry; Deal Delays Mining Till 2030 - Bay Nature Magazine Summer 2009
Quarry Agreement Enhances Environment - Livermore Independent 5/28/09
A Deal to Save Sunol and Ohlone - East Bay Express 5/27/09
Lawsuit to Challenge Staples Ranch EIR - Livermore Independent 3/26/09
Environmentalists Plan Court Suit to Stop Staples Ranch Development - Pleasanton Weekly 3/23/09
Former Teacher, Water District Trustee Remembered - Fremont Argus 3/12/09
Staples Ranch Decision Delayed - Livermore Independent 2/12/09
Report Urges Preserving Bay Area Outdoors - San Francisco Chronicle 2/4/09
Incomplete Wildlife List - Livermore Independent 1/29/09
Conservationists Want More Species in Watershed Plan - Livermore Independent 1/22/09
Zone 7 Approves Salmon Study Funds - Livermore Independent 1/22/09

2008 Media Articles

Tap Dreams - San Francisco Bay Guardian 12/10/08
Saving the Tuolumne River - East Bay Express 11/12/08
S.F. Panels OK $4.4 Billion Hetch Hetchy Upgrade - San Francisco Chronicle 10/30/08
Hetch Hetchy Pipeline Upgrade Nears Approval - San Francisco Examiner 10/29/08
Alameda County Water District Dedicates Fish Screens on Alameda Creek - Tri-City Voice 6/4/08
Water District Dedicates Alameda Creek Fish Screens - Fremont Bulletin 5/23/08
Screens Set Stage For Steelhead Return - Fremont Argus 5/20/08
Steelhead Trout Makes Comeback In East Bay Creek - CBS Channel 5, May 6, 2008
After Five Decades, Steelhead Spotted in Niles Canyon - San Jose Mercury News 5/3/08
Young Trout May Be Area's First Steelhead in a Half-Century - Fremont Argus 5/2/08
Astute Lobbying For Steelhead (Editorial) - Livermore Independent 5/1/08
Bonnie And Clyde (Editorial) - Livermore Independent 3/27/08
Steelhead Trout Seen Flirting in Alameda Creek - Contra Costa Times 3/14/08
Alliance Hopes Steelhead Trout Making Comeback - Fremont Argus 3/12/08
Bonnie & Clyde Spawning? - East Bay Express 3/8/08
Groups Ask Army to Consider Critters - Contra Costa Times 3/1/08
Burrowing Into Dublin - East Bay Express 2/13/08
Leaping Steelhead, Delta Conservation Awards For 2007 - Fishsniffer 1/21/08

2007 Media Articles

Hosterman gives Mayor's Award to Friends of Kottinger Creek - Pleasanton Weekly 11/5/07
Fish Passage Improvement Projects Update - ACWD Aqueduct Autumn 2007
Alameda Creek Alliance Celebrates Milestone - Pleasanton Weekly 9/28/07
Alameda Creek Plan Moves Forward to Revive Steelhead - San Francisco Chronicle 9/27/07
Project Opens Door for Fish - Fremont Argus 9/26/07
Short Cut Across Arroyo Has Been Removed - Livermore Independent 8/23/07
Alameda Creek Alliance Celebrates 10th Anniversary - Livermore Independent 8/23/07
Alameda Creek Alliance Celebrates Ten Years Of Fish Restoration - The Fish Sniffer 8/07
Livermore School District to Remove Arroyo Mocho Crossing - Livermore Independent 7/12/07
Mine, All Mine! - East Bay Express 5/23/07
Fish Screens in Alameda Creek - Contra Costa Times 2/27/07
Water District Moves to Help Steelhead Trout - Tri-Valley Herald 2/25/07

2006 Media Articles

Updated Stories - A Chronicle of Two Creeks - Bay Nature Magazine Winter 2006
SFPUC Hears What People Want In Environmental Plan - Livermore Independent 12/7/06
For Fish and Folks - Estuary Newsletter 12/06
Levee Project to Restore Habitat - Fremont Argus 10/27/06
350 More Acres of Former Salt Ponds Restored to Tidal Marsh - San Francisco Chronicle 10/27/06
Tools from Nature Used to Shore up Arroyo Banks - Livermore Independent 10/26/06
Huang, Lampert for Water Board - Fremont Argus 10/20/06
Study to Look at Restoring Fish - Livermore Independent 10/19/06
Study to Help Alameda Creek Steelhead Trout - San Jose Mercury News 10/16/06
Milestone Agreement Brings Steelhead One Step Closer to a Home in Alameda Creek/ACWD Partners in Streambank Restoration Project - ACWD Aqueduct Autumn 2006
Program Says 'No' to Eroding Arroyo - Fremont Argus 9/30/06
Alameda Creek: Two Dams Come Down So Steelhead Can Go Up - San Francisco Chronicle 9/22/06
Memo to Fish: Agency to Blast Two Dams on Alameda Creek - Fremont Argus 9/22/06
Utility to Demolish Dams on Alameda Creek Today - Contra Costa Times 9/22/06
Alameda Creek Reopens for Fish Traffic - Hayward Daily Review 9/22/06
Dam Removal - San Francisco Examiner 9/22/06
Two Obsolete Dams Face Removal - San Jose Mercury News 9/22/06
Bay Area News In Brief - AP 9/22/06
Alameda Creek Dams Slated for Destruction - Tri-Valley Herald 9/22/06
Completion of Dam Project to Save Fish Habitat - KTVU Channel 2, 9/21/06
Project in Works to Restore Alameda Creek - CBS Channel 5, 9/21/06
SF Water Agency Demolishes Two Dams on Alameda Creek - Oroville Mercury-Register 9/21/06
Program Targets Erosion of Arroyo Bank Near Sunol - San Jose Mercury News 9/11/06
Ear to the Ground - Bay Nature Magazine Fall 2006
Goodbye, Niles Dam - Fremont Argus 8/24/06
People: Man of Steel(head) - Estuary Newsletter 8/06
Friends of Coyote Hills Push No-Growth Measure - Fremont Bulletin 7/20/06
Patterson Ranch Debate Brewing - Fremont Argus 6/26/06
Fish-Flow Study Receives $30,000 From Water Agency - Contra Costa Times 5/22/06
Alameda Creek Steelhead Recovery - The Osprey 5/06
PUC Approves Removal of Dams to Help Trout - Contra Costa Times 4/13/06
We're Outta Here! - East Bay Express 4/12/06
Trout to Benefit From Removal of Two More Alameda Creek Dams - San Jose Mercury News 4/12/06
Editorial - Tri-City Voice 4/11/06
Fed Slam/Locals Open Doors to Steely Survivors - Estuary Newsletter 4/06
Ear to the Ground - Steelhead Trout - Bay Nature Magazine Spring 2006
Surprise Arrivals - San Francisco Chronicle 3/26/06
More Trout Rescued - Fremont Bulletin 3/24/06
More Trout Saved - Contra Costa Times 3/16/06
Steelhead Rescue - Livermore Independent 3/16/06
Forum - Urban Fisheries (audio broadcast) - KQED Forum 3/16/06
Creek Group Plays Name That Trout - Contra Costa Times 3/9/06
Steelhead in Alameda Creek Get Helping Hand - Fremont Bulletin 3/9/06 March 9 cover photo
Spawn-taneous Act of Kindness - Hayward Daily Review 3/7/06
Steelhead Get Helping Hand - Tri-City Voice 3/7/06

2005 Media Articles

By the Water's Edge: A Chronicle of Two Creeks - Bay Nature Magazine Winter 2005
Fish Policy Splits Feds, Conservationists - Fremont Argus 12/30/05
No Federal Protection for Landlocked Trout - San Jose Mercury News 12/28/05
Fish Protection Making Waves - Tri-Valley Herald 12/28/05
Federal Steelhead Ruling Leaves Alameda Creek Trout Without Protection - The Fish Sniffer 12/23/05
Alliance Objects to Listing Decision for Steelhead Trout - Bay City News Service 12/23/05
Steelhead Sagas: Some Creeks More Welcoming Than Others - San Francisco Chronicle 12/8/05
Fishy Business - East Bay Express 12/7/05
Editorial: Welcome consensus on Hetch Hetchy and ACA response: Restore Alameda Creek - San Francisco Examiner 12/1/05 and 12/8/05
Hetch Hetchy upgrade approved by SFPUC - San Francisco Examiner 11/29/05
S.F. Plans New Calaveras Reservoir Dam - Milpitas Post 11/17/05
Hearings Set For Calaveras Dam Scoping EIR - Livermore Independent 11/10/05
Residents: Keep Water in River - Oakland Tribune 10/12/05
Activist Coalition in Sunol Seeks Time to Plan Future - Contra Costa Times 6/22/05
Groups Ask SFPUC To Modify Approach On Creek - Livermore Independent 6/15/05
Hetch Hetchy Reservoir - To Drain or Not to Drain - San Francisco Chronicle 6/13/05
Groups Urge PUC: Deflate Creek Plans - Oakland Tribune 6/12/05
Groups Call S.F. on Lands' Stewardship - Contra Costa Times 6/3/05
Three Groups Unite to Create Sunol Vision - Livermore Independent 6/2/05
Environmental Groups Implore SF to Restore Alameda Creek - San Jose Mercury News 6/2/05
ACWD to Improve Steelhead Migration in Alameda Creek - ACWD Aqueduct Summer 2005
Sunol's Activist Groups Join Forces - Contra Costa Times 5/26/05
Fish Habitats - Long Beach Press-Telegram 5/11/05
ACWD Awarded $1 Million to Improve Steelhead Migration in Alameda Creek - Tri-City Voice 5/10/05
Grant Opens Floodgates For Trout - Contra Costa Times 5/6/05
Dam Removal Will Save Fish, Keep Water Flowing - Oakland Tribune 5/4/05
Foundation Offers Funding for Fish Habitat Projects - San Francisco Chronicle 5/4/05
Boosting Efforts to Bring Salmon and Steelhead Trout Back - San Jose Mercury News 5/4/05
Born to be Wild Trout: Local Fish Goes Global - San Francisco Chronicle 4/25/05

2004 Media Articles

Sunol Quarry Survives Appellate Court Challenge - Tri-Valley Herald 11/20/04
River Otter Reported at Alameda Creek - Contra Costa Times 11/11/04
Hikers in East Bay Parks Have a Beef with Cows - Los Angeles Times 9/6/04
Alameda Creek Dams to be Demolished - Tri-Valley Herald 7/26/04
Alameda Creek Watershed to Get Habitat Conservation Plan - Pleasanton Weekly 7/9/04
Alameda Creek Steelhead May Be on Protected List - Livermore Independent 6/24/04
Protection of Rainbow Trout Eyed - Contra Costa Times 6/23/04
Trout Cousins May Help Restore Steelhead - Fremont Argus 6/20/04
Ear to the Ground - Apperson Quarry - Bay Nature Magazine Spring 2004

2003 Media Articles

Backers of Sunol Quarry Win Ruling - Tri-Valley Herald 11/4/03
Groups Threaten Suit Over Parks Grazing Plan - Contra Costa Times 10/30/03
Make It Wilderness (Editorial) - Valley Times 10/10/03
EBRPD Asked to Conduct Environmental Review - Livermore Independent 10/9/03
Impact of Grazing in Sunol to be Studied - Tri-Valley Herald 10/8/03
District Unveils Plans for Preserves - Tri-Valley Herald 9/28/03
Park Officials Say Cows Are Here to Stay - Tri-Valley Herald 8/10/03
EBRPD Asked to Emphasize Wilderness - Livermore Independent 8/7/03
Groups Try to Stop Park Grazing - Contra Costa Times 8/6/03
Steelhead Fest on Tap Saturday - Contra Costa Times 5/9/03
Steelhead Event on Saturday - Fremont Argus 5/9/03
Steelhead Festival Casts Off Saturday - Tri-Valley Herald 5/9/03
Steelhead Festival Planned Saturday - Valley Times 5/9/03
Creek Alliance Wants Emphasis on Wilderness - Livermore Independent 4/24/03
Fish Rescue Points Out Need For Dam Removal on Alameda Creek - The Fish Sniffer 3/21/03
Activists Endorse Arroyo Project - Tri-Valley Herald 2/6/03

2002 Media Articles

Cleaner, Friendlier Arroyos for Fish - Livermore Independent 12/26/02
'Chain of Lakes' May Become Reality - Tri-Valley Herald 12/21/02
Dam Plan Approved for Valley - Contra Costa Times 12/20/02
Dam Plan Approved for Valley - Valley Times 12/20/02
Welcome to Sunol - Pleasanton Weekly 11/29/02
Agency's Fish Proposal Eyed - Contra Costa Times 11/19/02
Inflatable Dam May Threaten Steelhead - Tri-Valley Herald 11/15/02
Steelhead Restoration Cost Could Exceed $10 Million - Fremont Argus 10/30/02
Fish Ladder Project May Cost Millions - Tri-Valley Herald 10/30/02
Judge Allows Quarry Lawsuit to Move Ahead - Tri-Valley Herald 10/11/02
Saving Alameda Creek - California Flyfisher 8/02
West's War Over Cows Hits Home - Contra Costa Times 6/4/02
San Francisco PUC Lies About Endangered Species - Faultline 6/02
Fremont Festival to Fete Work on Alameda Creek - Valley Times 5/9/02
Suit Demands Vote on Sunol Quarry Plan - Valley Times 5/9/02
Fish Runs Being Restored to Alameda Creek - The Log 4/26/02
Permit Dispute Puts Feds in Court - Tri-Valley Herald 3/21/02
Suit Opposes Wendt Ranch Project - Valley Times 3/19/02
Alameda Creek Alliance Pushes Steelhead Restoration Plan Forward - The Fish Sniffer 3/8/02
Letter to the Editor: Quarry vs. Creek - San Francisco Chronicle 2/28/02
Prop 40 Critic, Backers Mull Parks' Value - Hayward Daily Review 2/27/02
Steelhead Restoration: Big Plan to Restore Steelhead - San Francisco Chronicle 2/26/02
Fish Hit Barriers on Breeding Trail - Oakland Tribune 1/9/02
Spawning Steelhead Lose a Helpful Hand - Tri-Valley Herald 1/8/02
Conservationists Look to Restore Arroyo Mocho as Steelhead Run - Fremont Argus 1/4/02
Arroyo Mocho Steelhead to be Discussed - Livermore Independent 1/02

2001 Media Articles

Success Stories - Dam Removal in California - Headwaters Fall 2001
Concrete Steps Made to Aid Fish - Contra Costa Times 8/18/01
Die Cast for Return of Steelhead - Oakland Tribune 8/15/01
Stepping Up - Fremont Argus 5/15/01
Festival Raises Steelhead Awareness - Fremont Argus 5/13/01
Steelhead Fanatics Head for Niles Park - Fremont Argus 5/12/0
Groups Hoping to Damn 2 Dams - Oakland Tribune 5/11/01
Annual Steelhead Festival Scheduled for Saturday - San Jose Mercury News 5/11/01
Busting 2 Dams to Assist Fish Run - Tri-Valley Herald 5/11/01
Festival Attempts to Hook Supporters - Contra Costa Times 5/5/01
Bringing Fish Back Into Sinbad Creek - Valley Times 5/3/01
S. F. Officials Seek End to Sunol Quarry Permit - San Jose Mercury News 4/24/01
Foes of Planned Quarry Enlist New S. F. Supervisors - San Jose Mercury News 4/12/01
SF Panel May Rescind Resolution on Mining - San Francisco Chronicle 4/10/01
Company Accused of Polluting Waterway - Valley Times 4/7/01
Sunol Battles Over Temple, Quarry - East Bay Business Times 3/12/01
Steelhead Back; Fish Passage Projects Underway - Livermore Independent 3/8/01
Fish Gets a Hand Up - San Jose Mercury News 3/7/01
Alameda Creek's Renaissance - San Francisco Chronicle 2/1/01

2000 Media Articles

Steelhead Trout Plan Faces New Challenge - Oakland Tribune 11/30/00
Steelhead Trout - Restoring a Fishery in Alameda Creek - ACWD Aqueduct Autumn 2000
Environmental Group, Developer in Water Fight - Valley Times 9/10/00
Group Aims to Bring Steelhead Back to Arroyo Mocho - Livermore Independent 8/31/00
Plowing Called 'Eco-Terrorism' - Valley Times 7/29/00
Biologist Says Salamander Pond Ruined - Valley Times 7/29/00
Creek Restoration - The Water's Half-Full and Rising - Sierra Club Yodeler 7/00
Letter to the Editor: Save the Coyotes - San Francisco Chronicle 6/30/00
Event Seeks to Help Restore Trout Run - San Jose Mercury News 5/14/00
First Trout Fest Celebrates Conservation Progress - Tri-Valley Herald 5/14/00
Steelhead's Likely Return is Reason to Celebrate - Oakland Tribune 5/12/00
Anticipation Grows of Steelhead's Return - Tri-Valley Herald 5/00
Down With Dams - Oakland Tribune 4/24/00
Dam Removal Updates - Bay Area Dams Could be Removed, Too - Headwaters Spring 2000
Wild Fish in Fremont - Clean Water Newsletter Spring 2000
News From the South Bay: Alameda Creek - Creek Currents Spring 2000
A Local Grazing Critic Conducts His Own Study - East Bay Express 3/27/00
EDITORIAL: A Plan Worth Approving - Valley Times 3/22/00
Fish Get Help From Dam Removal - Montclarion 3/17/00
Study Spurs Plans to Remove Steelhead Trout Barriers - Fremont Argus 3/15/00
Steelhead Barriers May Come Down - Tri-Valley Herald 3/15/00
PUC Protects Fish - San Jose Mercury News 3/14/00
Fish to Get Help by Removal of Dams - Contra Costa Times 3/14/00
Fish to Get Help From Removal of Dams - Valley Times 3/14/00
Stubborn Steelhead Convince Agencies to Restore Habitat - East Bay Express 3/10/00
To Help Save Fish, Officials Consider Razing Some Dams - San Jose Mercury News 3/7/00
Alameda Creek Listed as Steelhead Habitat - Tri-Valley Herald 3/3/00
Creek Soon to be Safe for Steelhead - Tri-Valley Herald 3/2/00
Steelhead, Growth on Agenda - Tri-Valley Herald 3/1/00
Removing Dams to Save Fish - San Jose Mercury News 2/18/00
Creek Alliance Rescues Struggling Steelhead Trout Population - Castro Valley Forum 2/16/00
Habitat Could Support Steelhead - Livermore Independent 2/10/00
Fish Run Urged For Alameda Creek - San Francisco Chronicle 2/8/00
Grazing Policy Review - Contra Costa Times 2/4/00
Steelhead Revival Possible in Alameda Creek, Tributaries - Fremont Argus 2/3/00
Removing the Barriers - Tri-Valley Herald 2/3/00
Activists Say San Francisco Ignoring Steelhead in Creek - Fremont Argus 1/28/00
S.F.'s East Bay Plans Ignore Fish, Critics Say - Tri-Valley Herald 1/28/00
Steelhead Rescue - Oakland Tribune 1/25/00
Ecologists Work to Restore Trout's Habitat - Contra Costa Times 1/23/00
All Eyes on Bay Trout - Contra Costa Times 1/23/00
Men of Steelhead - Fremont Argus 1/21/00
Panel Wants to Give Fish What They Need Most - Water - Livermore Independent 1/13/00

1999 Media Articles

Upstream Battle Getting Easier for Steelhead Activists - Fremont Argus 12/29/99
NMFS Proposes New Rules to Protect West Coast Salmon, Steelhead - The Fish Sniffer 12/17/99
Feds Another Impediment to Plucky Salmon - East Bay Express 11/5/99
Trout Restoration to Get Closer Look - Valley Times 10/28/99
Trout Restoration to Get Closer Look - Contra Costa Times 10/27/99
Trout Study Funds OK'd - San Jose Mercury News 10/27/99
Agency Moving to Help Save Fish - San Jose Mercury News 10/22/99
Fish Get Better Deal - Monterey Herald 10/23/99
Regulations Would Protect Endangered Steelhead Trout - Hayward Daily Review 10/22/99
U. S. Will Step Up the Pace on Protection of Steelhead - Contra Costa Times 10/21/99
Return of the Native - Estuary Newsletter 10/99
Editorial: Steelhead Lawsuit - Livermore Independent 6/30/99
Groups Sue to Protect State's Steelhead Trout - San Jose Mercury News 6/23/99
Lawsuit Filed to Protect Steelhead - Livermore Independent 6/23/99
Creek Alliance Joins Steelhead Suit - Oakland Tribune 6/23/99
Creek Alliance Joins Steelhead Lawsuit - Tri-Valley Herald 6/23/99
Lawsuit Seeks to Protect Steelhead - San Luis Obispo Tribune 6/99
Trout Protection Suit Targets U.S. - San Luis Obispo Tribune 4/17/99
Alameda Creek Alliance Sues to Protect Steelhead - Fremont Argus 4/16/99
Trout May Get Lift on Trip to Breeding Grounds - Contra Costa Times 4/4/99
Trout May Get Stairway to Fish Heaven - Valley Times 4/4/99
River Revival Bulletin 4/99
Giving Back to Nature What She Gives to Us - Living Buddhism 4/99
Fish Ladder Study Gets OK - San Jose Mercury News 3/29/99
Trout Trio - Fremont Argus 3/29/99
Park Grazing Ruling Appeal Planned - Contra Costa Times 3/12/99
District Grazing Plan Gets Judge's Approval - San Jose Mercury News 3/10/99
Home on Range Still Open for Cattle - San Francisco Chronicle 3/10/99
Offering Aid to Fish - Tri-Valley Herald 2/24/99
Steelhead Trout Seen Again in Alameda Creek - Fremont Argus 1/30/99
Season's First Steelhead Trout Takes a Bow - San Jose Mercury News 1/29/99
EDITORIAL: Trout Return to Alameda Creek - Tri-Valley Herald 1/23/99
Tests Show Rare Steelheads are Natives of Alameda Creek - Oakland Tribune 1/8/99
Rivers Reborn 1999

1998 Media Articles

Alliance Forms for San Francisco Bay Steelhead - Upstream Winter 1998
Park District is Sued Over Cattle Grazing Policy - Contra Costa Times 10/3/98
Suit Says Cattle Destroying East Bay Habitat - San Francisco Chronicle 10/3/98
Suit Seeks Study of Cattle Grazing - San Jose Mercury News 10/3/98
Up the Creeks! - East Bay Express 6/5/98
Kids Help Put Trout Back in Creek - Contra Costa Times 5/9/98
Fighting the Threat to Steelhead Trout - San Jose Mercury News 5/8/98
Children Release Hatchlings Into Alameda Creek in Bid to Save Trout - San Francisco Chronicle 5/8/98
Students Enlisted to Save Steelhead in Alameda Creek - Fremont Argus 5/8/98
Alliance Members Seek Protection for Steelhead Trout - Fremont Argus 4/9/98
A Tale of Two Creeks: Butte Creek and Alameda Creek - Estuary Newsletter 4/98
Steelhead Return Could Curb Trout Fishing in Creek - Hayward Daily Review 3/19/98
Steelhead Survival - Fremont Argus 3/18/98
Survival of the Steelhead - Tri-Valley Herald 3/18/98
Steelhead Trout Get Help From Officials - Fremont Argus 3/17/98
Fish Frenzy - Hayward Daily Review 3/16/98
Long-Gone Trout Return to Spawn - Tri-Valley Herald 3/15/98
It Must be Spring - East Bay Express 3/13/98
Amorous Steelhead Stymied by Obstacle - Valley Times 3/13/98
Steelhead Spotted Heading Upcreek - Fremont Argus 3/12/98
Endangered Trout May Make Comeback - Hayward Daily Review 3/12/98
Local Steelhead Find Suggests Possible Comeback of Species - Oakland Tribune 3/12/98
Steelhead Spotted Heading Upcreek - Tri-Valley Herald 3/12/98
Trout Help Rebirth of Spawning Grounds - Oakland Tribune 3/5/98
Long-Gone Trout Return to Spawn - Fremont Argus 3/5/98
Leaping Steelhead Awards for 2007 - The Fish Sniffer 1/20/08
What if the Steelhead Were to Return to Alameda Creek? - East Bay Express 1/16/98
Workers Restoring Blocked Creeks - Fremont Argus 1/9/98
Settlement Provides More Water for Trout - Contra Costa Times 1/5/98
Pressure Mounts to Restore Fish Run - Contra Costa Times 1/4/98

1997 Media Articles

Letter to the Editor: Alameda Creek Steelhead - San Francisco Chronicle 12/27/97
Trout's Reappearance Spawns Controversy - San Francisco Chronicle 12/26/97
Steelhead Trout Spotted in Creek Raise Fish Stakes - Hayward Daily Review 12/14/97
Wild Trout Found in Alameda Creek - Tri-Valley Herald 12/14/97
Steelhead Ends Up in Alameda Creek - San Francisco Chronicle 12/13/97
Group Hopes to Bring Back Wild Fish Runs - Livermore Independent 12/10/97
Salmon Raises Hope for New Fish Ladders - San Jose Mercury News 12/2/97
Overcoming Barriers - San Jose Mercury News 11/4/97
Alameda Creek Group Seeks Fish's Return - Fremont Argus 10/22/97
Alliance Seeks to Bring Back "Wild Fish" to Alameda Creek - Oakland Tribune 10/22/97
El Nino and Activists Aid Return of Salmon - Contra Costa Times 10/16/97