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Steelhead Get Boost in Alameda Creek Thanks to Restoration Efforts - April 24 (joint ACWD/ACA/SFPUC press release)


Chinook Salmon Return to Alameda Creek - December 12

Alameda Creek Fish Ladders Completed - April 19


Early Storm Brings Chinook Salmon to Alameda Creek - October 27


Partnerships Prove Success as $2 Million Support is Pledged for Alameda Creek Environmental
Enhancements and Protection of Region’s Water Supply
- Joint ACWD/ACA/CBD/DeSilva release September 16

Caltrans Signs Agreement on Environmental Protections for Niles Canyon Road Project - May 15


Caltrans Agrees To Increased Tree Planting Mitigation for Niles Canyon Bridge Project - March 5

Lone Alameda Creek Steelhead Spawns with Native Trout - February 11


CDFW Awards $27.8 Million for Ecosystem and Watershed Restoration and Protection Projects (CDFW press release) - September 10

ACWD Awarded $6.1M in Grant Funding: Projects to Help Restore Steelhead in Alameda Creek (ACWD press release) - March 23

Wildlife Conservation Board Funds Stream Flow Enhancement Projects (CDFW press release) - March 22

Third Lawsuit Challenges Caltrans Road Projects Jeopardizing Niles Canyon - February 9


Watershed Group Challenges Caltrans Tree Cutting Plans in Niles Canyon - November 16

Alameda Creek Alliance Celebrates Two Decades of Watershed Restoration - August 10

Steelhead Trout Moved Over Barriers in Alameda Creek - March 23


Steelhead Trout Back In Lower Alameda Creek - March 11

Groups Blast Caltrans Construction Plans in Niles Canyon - April 6

Conservation Agreement Will Protect East Bay Burrowing Owl Habitat - August 4
Conservation Groups Help Acquire 79 Acres of Key Open Space, Wildlife Habitat in North Livermore - April 3
Lawsuit Challenges Dublin Development That Will Evict Burrowing Owls - March 21

Dublin Development Threatens One of Largest Burrowing Owl Colonies in Alameda County - September 3
New Study on Historical Ecology of Alameda Creek Will Assist Steelhead Restoration Efforts - September 5
Statewide Coalition Opposes Caltrans’ Environmentally Damaging Highway-Widening Projects - (Caltrans Watch coalition press release) March 21
A Dozen Community Groups Outline Proposal to Caltrans for Niles Canyon Road Safety Project - January 4

Fourth Annual Eastern Alameda Bird Count This Friday - December 11
Federal Highway Agency Rejects Caltrans Highway Widening Approach for Niles Canyon - July 31
CalTrans to Start Over On Environmental Review for Controversial Niles Road Widening Projects - January 23

Alameda Creek Alliance Stops First Phase Of Niles Canyon Road Widening Project - December 12
ACWD Awarded $1.45 Million to Improve Steelhead Migration in Alameda Creek - (ACWD press release) August 4
Judge Halts Niles Canyon Road Widening Project - June 23
Alliance Suing Caltrans (Again) For Illegally Withholding Public Documents on Niles Highway Widening - June 10
Judge Issues Temporary Restraining Order Halting Caltrans Highway Widening In Niles Canyon - June 9
Alameda Creek Alliance Sues Caltrans Over Niles Canyon Highway Widening Project - June 7
Caltrans Warned Over Illegal Environmental Review, Permit Violations for Niles Canyon Project - May 23
Protest Saturday Against Caltrans Destruction In Niles Canyon, Public Hearing April 14 - April 8
Caltrans Killing Native Trees in Niles Canyon, More Destruction of Creek Environment Planned - February 28
SFPUC Unanimously Approves Calaveras Dam Replacement - (SFPUC press release) January 28
Calaveras Dam Project Revised, Future Operations Could Help Restore Alameda Creek - January 25

Eastern Alameda County Bird Count December 17 - December 14
State Allows Hunting of Declining Sunol Tule Elk Herd - October 26
Conservation Groups, Local Residents Blast Proposed Highway Widening in Niles Canyon - October 1
Mitigation Agreement Will Provide Nearly $1 Million for Habitat Preservation, Allow Staples Ranch Development in Pleasanton to Move Forward - August 19
Dedication for Alameda Creek Steelhead Restoration Projects June 23 - June 21
Conservation Group Asks Water Board to Investigate Filling of Pleasanton Wetlands - March 24

New State Fish and Game Regulations Close Fishing in Alameda Creek Below Major Dams - December 15
46 Bay Area Conservation Groups Air Concerns over Calaveras Dam Project in Alameda Creek - December 14
Eastern Alameda County Bird Count December 18 - December 7
San Francisco Rushing Environmental Review for Calaveras Dam Project - November 2
Pleasanton Must Reconsider Staples Ranch Development - October 23
San Francisco Releases Flawed Draft EIR for Calaveras Dam Replacement Project on Alameda Creek - October 7
Historic Conservation Agreement Signed for Apperson and Sunol Quarries With Center for Biological Diversity and Alameda Creek Alliance - May 21
Suit to Be Filed Over Staples Ranch Development - March 23

Alameda County Water District to Dedicate Fish Screens on Alameda Creek - (ACWD press release) May 18
Historic Hatching of Trout in Alameda Creek Tributary - May 2
San Francisco Rebuked Over Steelhead Trout Consideration for Calaveras Dam Rebuild - April 17
Steelhead Trout Pair May Be Spawning In Stonybrook Creek - March 7
Steelhead Trout Get Annual Helping Hand Up Alameda Creek - February 26
Open Space and Wildlife Habitat at Camp Parks Threatened by Development - February 6

S.F. Water System Improvement Plan Could Derail Alameda Creek Steelhead Restoration - October 24
Five Alameda Creek Fish Restoration Projects Move Forward - September 20
Alameda Creek Alliance Celebrates Ten Years of Watershed Restoration - August 21
Arroyo Mocho Crossing Removal Exemplifies StreamWISE Vision - (Zone 7 press release) June 26

Agencies Begin Study of Stream Flows Needed for Alameda Creek Steelhead Trout Restoration - (Joint ACA/SFPUC/Zone 7/ACWD/CCC/PG&E press release) October 16
SFPUC Nears Historic Completion of Dam Removal on Alameda Creek to Restore Threatened Steelhead - (SFPUC press release) September 21
Media Advisory on Sunol Dam Removal - (SFPUC press release) September 19
Arroyo de la Laguna Streambank Restoration Gets Under Way - (Zone 7/ACRCD/SFPUC press release) September 7
SFPUC Approves Removal of Niles & Sunol Dams on Alameda Creek - (SFPUC press release) April 11
More Steelhead Moved Up Alameda Creek - March 12
Steelhead Trout in Alameda Creek Get Helping Hand - March 4

Steelhead Ruling Leaves Alameda Creek Trout Without Protection - December 23
Calaveras Dam Rebuild Will Leave Steelhead Restoration High and Dry - November 8
SFPUC Hearings on Water Supply Plans This Month - October 7
SFPUC Urged to Drop Costly and Damaging Pipeline Project - (TRT press release) October 7
68 Bay Area Conservation Groups Call for San Francisco to Restore Alameda Creek - June 2
Local Environmental Groups Unite to Protect Sunol Valley - (ACA/SOS/STDS press release) May 25
ACWD Awarded $1,000,000 to Improve Steelhead Migration in Alameda Creek - (ACWD press release) May 3

Steelhead Trout and Salmon Return to Alameda Creek - October 27
Federal Protection Proposed for Alameda Creek Rainbow Trout - June 16

Sunol Wilderness Plan - October 7
Apperson Quarry - August 21
Sunol Wilderness Plan - August 5
Steelhead Festival - May 6
Spawning Steelhead Trapped - March 14
Revised Arroyo Mocho Project - February 4

Arroyo Mocho Rubber Dam - November 14
Sunol Quarry - June 11
Steelhead Festival - May 7
Threatened Steelhead Back in Alameda Creek - January 6

Fremont Steelhead Festival - May 1
San Francisco Supervisors Reject Sunol Quarry Plan - April 24
Daly Cites Bay Area Air and Water Quality in Opposing Sunol Quarry - (Supervisor Daly press release) April 23
Sunol Quarry Violated Water Discharge Permit - April 9
Steelhead Back in Alameda Creek - March 6

Fremont Steelhead Festival, May 13, 2000 - May 5
SFPUC Slates Dam Removal to Help Steelhead Trout - (SFPUC press release) March 13
County Study Promotes Alameda Creek Steelhead Restoration, First Steelhead of the Season in Alameda Creek - February 9

"Stella the Steelhead" in Stonybrook Creek, Threatened Fish Continue to Return to Alameda Creek - March 25
Threatened Steelhead Back in Alameda Creek - February 18
Another Native Steelhead Sighted in Alameda Creek - January 28

Young Steelhead Hatched from Rescued Eggs to be Returned to Alameda Creek - May 6
Creek Alliance to Push for Steelhead Restoration at Water District Board Meeting - April 5
Four Steelhead Moved over Barriers in Alameda Creek - March 15
Timely Return of Steelhead Trout to Alameda Creek - March 12
Spawning Steelhead Found in Old Alameda Creek Channel - March 4

Fremont Youth Finds Imperiled Steelhead in Alameda Creek - December 13
Alameda Creek Alliance Fighting to Restore Endangered Steelhead and Salmon Runs - October 5