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Current Action Alerts

Help Protect the N3 Ranch

October 17 meeting notice

Stop Illicit Landfills In Eastern Alameda County

Tell the the Alameda County Planning Department to enact a soil importing ordinance that will adequately protect sensitive native wildlife and protect streams

Support Steelhead Restoration In South Bay Salt Ponds

No current action alert.

Protect Niles Canyon

No curent action alert. See our February 2018 update on all the Caltrans road safety projects in Niles Canyon.

Stop Oil Trains and Toxic Freight Tankers from Using Niles Canyon

No current action alert. There is a proposal to route up to 26 freight trains per day through Niles and Niles Canyon, including oil tankers, diesel, and other combustible and toxic materials. The potential for a disastrous derailment in Niles Canyon will go way up and there are significant concerns about safety, noise, air quality, and risk of a major toxic spill into Alameda Creek.

Other Conservation Campaigns

Contact Your Legislators

Regulatory Agencies, Public Water and Land Managers in the Watershed